The Last Entry for THIS blog [at Blogger, anyway]

I am slowly migrating all of my online activity to one central hub over at TomRule.info.

This particular blog has been migrated over to www.TomRule.info/news/. As I type this I am still in the throes of the redesign process, which will take FAR longer than I want it to. However, I'm going ahead and changing my content creation location to my site.

So if you want to continue getting the latest news in the wacko world of Tom, go check out www.TomRule.info/news.

Eventually the look will change from the default thing I've got set there - I'm getting content placed first, and THEN will be messing the design. So please be patient, as this is indeed a one-man effort!

Eventually there will be sign-up-to-get-the-latest-updates form there as well, and it will NOT involve Feedburner, Google, or any third-party. Yup, there's a story there, but I won't bore you with the details. They are fairly boring!